Welcome to Tsinghua Daoxiang Kindergarten

What is an international kindergarten like in your mind? What kind of international education do you think is right for Chinese children? International education should encourage students to develop a deep love and affinity of their country, whilst developing a truly global international mindset. With continuous improvement and innovation over the last 10 years, Tsinghua University High School has developed and facilitated a K-12 international curriculum rooted in China. When you are at Daoxiang Kindergarten, you will experience a beautifully combined curriculum which intertwines Chinese and Western cultures.You will be deeply impressed by the high level of innovation in the classroom,born from outstanding collaborative planning practiced between our teachers.
  • Pre-k班(3-5岁)


    Based on Montessori educational philosophy, Pre-K class combines thematic teaching method with Montessori. Based on the work in the five regions, thematic courses such as music, art, STEM and drama have been added to cultivate children's cognition, concentration, coordination, independence, creativity and sociality. In terms of language acquisition, we create an English immersion environment for children to naturally acquire English. The integration of Montessori concept and Chinese and English theme teaching is our feature.

  • K班(5-6岁)


    In the K-class (5-6 years old), teachers plan differentiated activities around their current units of study. Typically, most classes integrate many of the academic strands (math, language, social studies, science, etc.) into a seamless learning experience.

  • Featured School-based Curriculum

    Featured School-based Curriculum

    The featured school-based curriculum of Tsinghua Daoxiang kindergarten has started! Children are given opportunities to participate in different activities in school. In addition to the two to three-hour fixed course and Montessori work, the School-based curriculum is an important part of the school’s overall education system. The K class regularly organizes various school-based courses every week, including P.E, Music, Dance, Roller skating etc.